Wales, Museum of Modern Art
Florida, Brevard Art Museum
Wales, National Museum of Wales
Wales, The National Library of Wales
New York, J.P. Morgan Inc.
Wales, Glynn Vivien Art Museum
Venezuela, Procter and Gamble
USA, 3M Art Collection
Wisconsin, Alverno College
Wales, Aberystwyth Town Hall
London, Goldman Sachs
Wales, Anglesey Museum Art Collection
Belgium, MasterCard Europe
Wales, University of Wales Art Collection
Singapore, The British High Commission
Wales, Contemporary Arts Society
Virginia Beach, the office of the Mayor
Texas Tech University Public Art Collection
Texas, The Citadelle Art Foundation
Holland, Galeri Gerard, The Hague
The Besherat Museum Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
The Besherat Museum Gallery, Barbizon - France

Alex Gansa - screenwriter, producer, executive producer: Showtime series Homeland, Beauty and the Beast tv series, The X-Files, Dawson's Creek, Numb3rs, HBO's Entourage.
Jean David Malat - London-based art dealer and curator. Founder of the JD Malat Gallery, Mayfair, London; patron of Tate Gallery; patron of the Royal Academy of Art; supporter of Serpentine Gallery
Kate Mulgrew, actor (Broadway, Film and TV: Star Trek, Orange is the New Black)
Eric McCormack, actor (Broadway, Film, and TV: Will and Grace)
Anne Bobby, actor (Broadway, Film, and TV: Born on The Fourth of July)
John Staehely, lead guitarist, music producer (The band Spirit, Bob Dylan)
Xaviera Hollander, writer, producer (The Happy Hooker starring Lynn Redgrave)
Cefin Roberts, actor, director, Artistic Director of the Welsh National Theater
Gwen Ellis, actor (Stage, Film, and TV: The Jesus Movie; A Mind To Kill)
Wyn Bowen Harries, actor (Stage, Film, and TV: Ironclad; Coronation Street)
Professor and Mrs. Eric Sunderland, Former Chancellor of the University of Wales
Itzik Becher, performing artists’ agent (Woody Allen, Peter Yarrow)
Gwenda Griffith, film and television producer (Senior producer S4C Television)
Paul Islwyn Thomas, BBC film producer, former head of arts and culture: BBC
Huw Roberts, former head of BBC Wales; UK Prime Minister liaison
Harvey Guion, actor (Silent Fall, Holy Hell, Normalcy, Our Town)
Kathleen Guion, former Division President of Dollar General
Pete Telfer, film producer, and director (BBC, HTV Television, S4C Television)
Luned Emyr, BBC interviewer (BBC, HTV, S4C)
Ken Owen, playwright: (Stage, Radio, TV: Ethiopia Newydd, Genod Oer)
Paul Lucas, theater producer ( Broadway, Edinburgh and Sydney Festivals)
Dana Friis-Hansen, director and CEO, Grand Rapids Art Museum
David and Teresa Wilkinson, Goldman Sachs Bank, London

Povey artworks are in public & private collections in twenty-seven countries on six continents