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MORTALITY - The works of Edward Povey,
article. by Professor Roman Konik, Head of
the Department of Aesthetics and Philosophy
of Art at the Institute of Philosophy,
University of Wroclaw in Poland.

Edward Povey’s BACKGROUND
AND PROCESS, by Jean-François Ferbos,

BLACKLIST - Inclusion of Povey paintings in
an upcoming episode of the American crime
thriller television series that premiered on NBC
on September 23, 2013. The paintings hang
in a collector's home used for the episode.

Magazine feature. The December 2021 issue is
to feature 40 images of Povey's paintings.
The Revista Literária Pixé publishes poems,
short stories and chronicles by Brazilian authors
from the most diverse origins. In each edition,
a different visual artist is invited to illustrate all the
pages, joining text to the proposed visualities.

2021 WHY NOW - Edward Povey interviewed by
Editor-in-chief Harvey Solomon-Brady for
Why Now, the positive media platform launched
by Gabriel Jagger, son of Rolling Stone
Mick Jagger.

2021 C MAG, Alberta University of the Arts
MORTAL PAINTER - Interview by arts writer
Kristie Feener.

2021 INCOMPLETE Edward Povey
Cinematic Portrait by Italian film maker

2021 Edward Povey MORTAL. Documentary
Short Film by Italian film maker PETER PAHOR.

CREATURES - In-depth interview.
Other interviews include Damien Hirst, Banksy,
Gerhard Richter, Basquiat, and Cindy Sherman.

Discours et exploration du psychanalyste et
historien de l'art Jean-François Ferbos
ART IS LINE blog, interviewed by
Italian Art Critic Simone Fappanni, who has also
written about the Futurists, the Surrealists,
Picasso, Mirò, Dalì, and Moore.

2021 LIVING DIORAMA - Interview by Carmen Lozano,
renowned art blogger who has also written about
artists Ángeles Santos, Ruxandra Niculae,
Marta en Marte, Juan Silva, and Raymon Paynet.
Abi Joy Samuels on Instagram #@paintguide.
Povey speaks about his training, motivation,
his angry father, studio on a tropical island,
his murals in Wales, anatomy training with
medical school cadavers, and his passion
for his work. He also speaks about his plans
for the coming year.

2020 A University of Wales publication featuring
the Edward Povey painting,
University of Wales, Bangor.

2020 Artnet News - article discussing Edward Povey
showing in a group exhibition titled
ISOLATION MASTERED at the JD Malat Gallery,
Mayfair, London. Exhibition juried by:
Simon de Pury- Art Dealer & Auctioneer
Dylan Jones- Editor of GQ
Robert Montgomery- Artist
David Bellingham- Art historian, author and
Programme Director of the MA in Art Business,
Sotheby’s Institute of Art London
Katrin Fridriks- Artist
Gavin Rossdale- Musician and Art Collector
Jean-David Malat- Founder, JD Malat Gallery
Victoria Aboucaya- Director, JD Malat Gallery
and special guest, Gavin Turk- Artist

2020 Magazine feature: Revue Magistrature,
Paris, France

2020 Magazine feature: Nostromo Magazine,
Valencia, ES

2019 For Walls with Tongues, British National Library
exhibition at the University of Greenwich,
London. The recorded history of Edward Povey’s
art and career. This project is sponsored by the
Heritage Lottery Fund and includes mural artists
active in the mid to late 20th Century in creating
public murals and details the tremendous impact
mural artists had in the art world during this
This is a permanent addition to the BNL archives.

2017 For Walls with Tongues, British National Library.
The recorded history of Edward Povey’s art
and career. This project is sponsored by the
Heritage Lottery Fund and includes mural artists
active in the mid to late 20th Century in creating
public murals and details the tremendous impact
mural artists had in the art world during this
This is a permanent addition to the BNL archives
and will also be exhibited in 2019 at the
University of Greenwich, London.

2018 100 Treasures of Bangor University:
The HALL OF ILLUSION mural is featured in a
selection of the top 100 artworks and artifacts
from the extraordinary collection of the
University of Wales, Bangor.

2016 I.E.E.E. - the largest organization of engineers
in the world published their charter for ethics in
artificial intelligence, using Povey and Schultz
paintings as illustrations. This organization also
advise the White House and the United Nations.

2016 Y Golwg Magazine, Wales: Interview

2015 A Line Of Inquiry: Video Interview

2014 Documentary: Edward Povey Speaking Frankly
About His Art. AsoR buS Productions.

2013 The BBC: Your Paintings – Povey’s publicly
owned works in the UK’s national collection.

2012 Garmon Press (UK): Povey works in Oil Paintings
in Public Ownership.

2011 Museum of Modern Art, Wales monograph
dedicated entirely to: Edward Povey – his life and
career. Commentaries from Anthony Jones:
former Chancellor of the School of Art of the
Institute of Chicago. Essays from the former
Director of the Welsh National Theatre, and the
Head of BBC Wales
2000-2006. ISBN:9780578097008

2010 Author Katie Lench, book: Caernarfon – Povey
mural discussed. The Horizon Press: ISBN-10:

2009 Author Iosifidis Kiriakos: Mural Art Volume Two –
Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the
World: section on Povey murals.

2008 North Wales Chronicle newspaper: Povey’s
Caernarfon Mural attracts 2.5 million pound bid.

British Composer Jordan M. Leach: The Hall of
Illusion Symphony: Seven part orchestral
symphony dedicated to Edward Povey and his
Hall of Illusion mural.

2007 Book: At Home With The Joneses, published by
the Wales International Center, New York. The
contributions of Edward Povey, Catherine Zeta
Jones, Sir Tom Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Sir
Anthony Hopkins.

2007 BBC News: Multiple articles: Christie’s, Sotheby’s
and Interpol involved in stolen Povey paintings.

2007 S4C Television, Britain: O4 Wal, Article.

2005 The Times Newspaper, London: Article.

2004 Architectural Digest: December edition.
Collection of Povey works: Photo article.

2002 The Western Mail, British newspaper: Povey,
An Explorer of Senses by Karen Price, arts and
media correspondent.

2001 In Style Magazine: May 2001: Will Wonders
Never Cease, by Sean Mitchell. Eric McCormack
(lead actor of the U.S. Will and Grace sitcom)
with his Povey art.

2000 Antiques Trade Gazette: Article.

1999 Who’s Who In Art: Biographies of leading men
and women in the world of art in Britain.
28th Edition.
1999 The Times Newspaper, London: Article.
BBC Radio Wales – Skidmore in Conversation:

1998 BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours Arts Program:
HTV Television News: Article.
BBC-based archive filming. Director, Pete Telfer.

1997 Book: Author J. Gwynn Williams:
The University of Wales 1893-1993,
University of Wales Press. Discussing Povey’s
Hall of Illusion mural.
Book: Author Alan Torjussen:
Teaching Art In Wales,

1996 HTV Television, Britain: Artifacts Program.
1996 BBC Radio: Gwynfryn in Gwynedd:

1994 HTV Television, Britain: The Stand and Stare
Program. Interviewer – Jan Peterson.

1993 Public lecture by historian Maurice Cooke,
University of Wales: Povey’s murals.
BBC London, Radio Four: Kaleidoscope culture
program: Interview.
The Times Newspaper, London: Photo article.

1992 HTV Television, Wales: Article.
BBC Television: Article.

1990 The Artist’s and Illustrator’s Magazine, Britain:
December issue. Profile.
1990 Book: Author: G H Moody, In Limbo -
The Barriers to Spiritual Awareness
ISBN: B001YYQ5PK. Illustrations.

1987 Art News Magazine, Britain: Article.
Book: Author Ian Skidmore: Gwynedd,
Published by Robert Hale, London.
Discusses Povey’s career.

1986 HTV Television, Britain: Documentary.
New York Times First Section: Sunday April 6th.
Photo article by Dith Pran (of The Killing Fields
movie - 1984), highlighting Povey’s appearance
at Art Expo 1986. BBC Television: Interview
by Sir Hugh Casson KCVO, RA, RDI, former
president of the Royal Academy of Art, London.

1982 Book: Author Marzieh Gail: Other People, Other
Places, ISBN:0853981221. Dust jacket painting
by Edward Povey.
1982 Book: Author Hywel Harries: Wales
on Canvas, ISBN:0862433568
Povey chapter, 1975 to 1981.

1979 HTV Television, Britain: Muriau Segontium,
directed by Gareth Owen, and produced by
Gwyn Erfyl.

1979 Documentary about Povey.

1979 Book: Authors Graham Cooper and Douglas
Sargent: Painting The Town,
Published by Phaidon Press, London. Discusses
Povey’s murals.

1975 Extensive TV, Radio and Newspaper coverage
in Britain.
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