Recent Paintings
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated lower right 30 X 30 inches

In a private collection

“When she finally sleeps it is time for him to silence the lute and arrange his feelings.
Slowly withdrawing a future, already known and already written,
he must live each day towards it - in peaceful ignorance of her fate.
These things of the future are not found in books or talked about over tea;
and one day his memory of her will be only her quiet and gentle breathing."
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
16 X 16 inches / 40.64 X 40.64 cm

“Our certainty subsists on a starvation diet
of stage sets and mirages,
of white coats and stethoscopes
floating on a river of mortal dread.

While children are cartwheeling away, hopping,
whooping in the face of fear,
and grinning at their examples
- battening down for storms
as paper birds fly south with the pigs,
beyond sight, beyond mind.”
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
28 X 26 inches

“If we could pause, and stretch a moment of reflection across the years,
caught only seconds before the ceremony - and held as if it would never come,
what awful moment would we choose?
Cutting the ribbon of time, entering rooms where old friends stand in frozen gestures,
glowing with the intensity of a conversation snipped like a phone line,
their voices hissing and dying down corridors where we walk alone, remembering.

For ever we would be the only living one at the table, the only one with a future:
the longing-drenched one-sided conversation of the fearful.”
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
30 X 26 inches

“Her hand hangs limply off the turquoise pillow with its acidic lemon piping,
and somewhere in the basement of his mind he feels the distinct need
to hang his hand limply in reflection of hers.
One day he will have to do so many things for her.

Like a summer cat she watches him through a cracked eye,
distantly perhaps sensing everything that will occur beyond this room,
this room where the lute is quiet, and the children sleep in the adjoining chamber;
where the streets of Wales lay silent in snow outside,
and a cold wind breathes in the trench of the night.

For now her future remains caged, and they’re both blessed with a long beginning.”
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
16 X 16 inches / 40.64 X 40.64 cm

"To cherish what is precious,
made of paper though it is.
What sweet music can come from nothing,
from a bird that is not a bird?
From a love that is not a love?
From a life that is not a life?
Such things save us anyway.

And children that we are,
if all our lemonade and puddings
were nothing but air and imagination,
would our lives be different?"
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
24 X 30 inches

“Born on the head of a pin,
they have the present: a narrow cot in which to live away their days.
And like Picasso’s old man lost in blue, they endlessly reach,
walking like ghosts in a street that is yet to come,
breathing in an airless place where the sun has never shone,
and darlings have never danced.

Why is this? Is the lute too sharp for them
and the air of the real world too cold?
Their days are all filled up with opportunity
and their veins with hot blood,
leaking into a dusty and silent hall of their own invention."
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
30 X 30 inches /

In a private collection

"Counting the hours in a world beside our world, a couple waits.
The table is laid, and everything is ready for a tea that will never occur,
and yet they have time to be with a future which they did not design,
and which they may as well allow.

However in the shadows, a newspaper speaks of a place of perpetual joy,
which was always the last sanctuary of the precious lodger in his arms."
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
24 X 30 inches

“For now let us go to bed fully clothed, and enter into an agreement.
Let us cherish each other and fold away the world with all its fools and iniquities.
The hills and valleys, and towns and risks, oceans and skies closed for one night of silence.
The silence of the dedicated heart.

Could we guard our thoughts for that simple and dark cup of starlight?
Only in the sphere of paint are cultures and concerns eluded,
in that flat and immortal land of perfection,
so that every time we come home from chance and change
- we can stand once more and gaze into a bed where they go fully clothed,
and enter into an agreement beside a closed world."
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
30 X 30 inches

“A girl on Poydras moves as if to hold the neck of an imaginary lute.
He dreams without focus, and the elderly Balthus poses another innocent in the tea room.
But anything can be done in this world of painting: a world which for all its lies,
is immortal. What would men give to purchase eternity!

In this land we see the hanging folds of the table cloth, and the ironed top also.
We see the sides of the cup, and we see into the cup also.
Like Cezanne longed to do, we can see everything simultaneously in this country of possibility,
where an imaginary lute can serenade imaginary sleepers forever."
Edward POVEY Recent Paintings Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas
18 X 24 inches


“When the laughter and shouts die down, fading into gold along the beach with the sun,
there’s an hour, perhaps a minute in which there is pause. Eyes look seaward and wait,
hands are suspended over hampers and children slow, salty and glowing,
and an unearthly quiet descends. As if the waves and the sky, the bathers and walkers,
and the sand itself required a brief communion. Like the end of the out-breath,
stilled before the in-breath; a doorway; a train waiting in a station;
an amber light when all drivers gaze and breathe, and for one single moment, dimly understand."
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